Edition #4: Welcome Plates

Edition #4: Welcome Plates


This open art edition is about home and nourishment. Enjoy a meal and remember that what is most important is not what is on your plates but who you share it with.

The Welcome Plates have developed over a course of many workshops and classes with the refugee and immigrant women who are a part of The Welcome Project in collaboration with Calcagno Cullen. 

In addition to crafting, many of the home at The Welcome Project are also excellent cooks; sharing their food is one way for the women to share their story and make a connection with others in a new home. These plates reflect symbols that remind these women of home and include wiring around the edge that shares pieces of their own stories, written in English, Nepali, and Spanish.

These plates were made collaboratively with Lordes Santos, Zoila Martinez, Nar Maya Rai, Fabiola Rodriguez, Shirley Richards, Sheryl Rajbahnadari, Michelle McCracken, and Lauren Darpel. 

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