Edition #2: Welcome Project Cups (set of four)

Edition #2: Welcome Project Cups (set of four)

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Caroline Woolard

Caroline Woolard is an artist and organizer whose work explores intersections between art and the solidarity economy. Resulting from a multi-faceted project by New York City-based artist Caroline Woolard entitled Listen, an edition of Welcome Project Cups was produced. This limited edition of functional ceramic cups was designed over the course of a year in dialog with Zoila Martinez, Lourdes Martinez, NarMaya Rai, Bibi Rai, Binta Rai, Sarmila Rai, Purni Rai, Mariam Al-Zoubi, Fabiola Rodriguez, Krishna Ghimire, Angele Mputu. The cups have two sides. When turned over, the underside of the cup becomes a vessel for a flower, a candle, or a water-clock. These ceramics continue Caroline Woolard’s study of functional objects for contemplation and collaboration.

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Speckled clay, high gloss, food safe

4.25 inches × 3.25 inches x 3.25 inches each 

Poplar box with an edition number (edition of 30) 

Signed certificate of authenticity

Wheel thrown cup in speckled clay. The interior is glazed in high gloss white with black speckles. The exterior is decorated with bright blue and green shapes. Approximately 4.25 inches tall x 3.25 wide diameter. Each item is handmade and has slight variations in size and finish and color. Food safe and made for everyday use. Hand washing is recommended.