Welcome Artists


Sagar Galolia

Sagar Galolia is an India-based photographer whose work explores portraiture and wildlife. He is studying Photography at Northern Kentucky University. He also likes to shoot natural landscapes, fashion, food, insects, and product photography.

The vital part of Sagar's photography is finding a view with the likeness of soulful decisions. This decision provides him with beautiful stories and valuable life-changing experiences. Experiences push Sagar towards finding new perspectives every day.


Majd ElSabbagh

Majd ElSabbagh is a 22 year old artist from Lebanon. I came to the US when I was 9. The Arts wasn’t something that I was interested in at all around that age... I wanted to grow up to be a doctor. Being in a new country was rough at the beginning, I did not know how to express myself to others because I did not think like everyone in US so I was always the odd one. Art was a way for me that I found effective to be able to express myself and it did not involve me having to talk to other people, it was very therapeutic.

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Madeline Ndambakuwa

Ndambakuwa is a communication expert, a speaker, visual artist, writer, and a poet, originally from Harare, Zimbabwe. She immigrated in 2001 to Cincinnati, Ohio a sister city to Harare. She believes that in every adversity, there is a gifted champion or game changer rising with strength and resilience, ready to change the world and leave a lasting impact. Each piece of artwork and each poem is a statement of resilience, a refusal to fail destiny and a voice of raw creativity; because within us is a burning desire to thrive and to be touched by divine power.