Sagar Galolia

September 14, 2019

Sagar Galolia is an India-based photographer whose work explores portraiture and wildlife. He is studying Photography at Northern Kentucky University. He also likes to shoot natural landscapes, fashion, food, insects, and product photography. Lately, he has been more focused on portrait and fashion photography. Sagar aims to understand individuals and components of the fashion industry. He also works to understand animal behavior and is invested in documenting societal changes that surround wildlife. An avid nature photographer since 2015, Sagar often shoots in the early morning and evening so that his work reveals beautiful moments and grabs colors from nature.
The vital part of Sagar's photography is finding a view with the likeness of soulful decisions. This decision provides him with beautiful stories and valuable life-changing experiences. Experiences push Sagar towards finding new perspectives every day.


Majd Elsabbagh

August 10, 2019

Elsabbagh loves to create work that encourages interaction between the general public and the artist. He strives to create content that will strengthen a community’s believe and structure. He hopes his work is a tool to help bridge the gap between culture and art. He states, "Before creating a piece, I like to get to know a community, study where they come from and try to figure out what makes them unique to the world, then with my work I like to capture the beauty that lies within the people, and bring it forward." Elsabbagh was born in Lebanon. He has done numerous public art projects with ArtWorks and is working towards a career in art therapy.


Madeline Ndambakuwa

July 13, 2019

Welcome’s second Artist in Residence is Madeline Ndambakuwa. Ndambakuwa is a communications expert, a painter, an illustrator, and a poet, originally from Harare, Zimbabwe. She immigrated in 2001 to Cincinnati, Ohio a sister city to Harare. She believes that in every adversity, there is a gifted champion or game changer rising with strength and resilience, ready to change the world and leave a lasting impact. She will host an opening exhibition of her work at The Welcome Project as part of Camp Washington’s Second Saturday Art Walk on July 13th from 6-9pm. As part of the opening reception Ndambakuwa will also perform her poetry.


Pedro Moreno

June 8, 2019

Pedro Moreno is our first Artist in Residence. As part of his residency Moreno will exhibit a series of his paintings and ceramic works and host two public art classes where he will teach his craft during the month of June. As part of Camp Washington’s Second Saturday Art Walk, Moreno will host an opening reception June 8th from 6-9pm at The Welcome Project. Pedro Moreno lives and works in Cincinnati and is originally from Bolivia. He paints to fertilize his imagination and to project both his memories and perspective. He was recently selected as the 2019 Movement Artist of the Year by the Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center. Moreno’s work will remain on exhibition at The Welcome Project through July 6th.