Welcome Editions are limited edition art objects designed by nationally recognized artists and fabricated at least in part by the women of the Welcome Project. Often functional, affordable and always collectible, the editions appeal both to collectors of contemporary art and those seeking to support refugees and immigrants.


Welcome Editions bring much needed employment and empowerment to local refugee and immigrant women and equally, they present an opportunity to feature work by nationally regarded artists that is exclusive to Cincinnati.

Each edition is artist-designed and then fabricated by the immigrant and refugee women, sometimes in conjunction with other local makers. The level of artist involvement with the fabrication varies, but all final pieces are artist approved and signed. All profits from Welcome Editions feed back into the growth of the Welcome Project.



New editions will be published here as they arrive.

Edition #1: Sea Beings Capes + Blankets
from 250.00

Chris Johanson and Johanna Jackson

Johanson and Jackson emerged from the late 90s San Francisco-based skater/surf/graffiti scene, known to many as the Mission School, with portfolios of charged, figurative drawings and immersive three-dimensional environments. As a husband and wife team, the two collaborate often on projects. Their Welcome Edition is an edition of 75 woodblock printed denim capes and blankets with a sliding scale of special artist details and price ranges. As a one-off from the edition, a series of 50 prints on paper incorporating the same woodblock print as the capes were also produced.

Edition #2: Welcome Project Cups (set of four)
150.00 250.00

Caroline Woolard

Caroline Woolard is an artist and organizer whose work explores intersections between art and the solidarity economy. Resulting from a multi-faceted project by New York City-based artist Caroline Woolard entitled Listen, an edition of Welcome Project Cups was produced. This limited edition of functional ceramic cups was designed over the course of a year in dialog with Zoila Martinez, Lourdes Martinez, NarMaya Rai, Bibi Rai, Binta Rai, Sarmila Rai, Purni Rai, Mariam Al-Zoubi, Fabiola Rodriguez, Krishna Ghimire, Angele Mputu. The cups have two sides. When turned over, the underside of the cup becomes a vessel for a flower, a candle, or a water-clock. These ceramics continue Caroline Woolard’s study of functional objects for contemplation and collaboration.

Edition #4: Welcome Plates

This open art edition is about home and nourishment. Enjoy a meal and remember that what is most important is not what is on your plates but who you share it with.

The Welcome Plates have developed over a course of many workshops and classes with the refugee and immigrant women who are a part of The Welcome Project in collaboration with Calcagno Cullen. 

In addition to crafting, many of the home at The Welcome Project are also excellent cooks; sharing their food is one way for the women to share their story and make a connection with others in a new home. These plates reflect symbols that remind these women of home and include wiring around the edge that shares pieces of their own stories, written in English, Nepali, and Spanish.

These plates were made collaboratively with Lordes Santos, Zoila Martinez, Nar Maya Rai, Fabiola Rodriguez, Shirley Richards, Sheryl Rajbahnadari, Michelle McCracken, and Lauren Darpel. 

Edition #3: Gun Flute

Renowned Mexico City based artist Pedro Reyes has created a series flutes, produced from dismantled gun barrels in collaboration with The Welcome Project. This third Welcome Editions project debuted at the March for Our Lives event on March 24th, just before the speakers began. The edition of 17 was created specifically in response to the Parkland, Florida school shooting to honor the victims. Born in Mexico City, Reyes is known for transforming existing problems into ideas for a better world. This series of flutes was designed by Reyes, produced by the Cincinnati-based Irish flute maker Dave Copley with custom carrying bags created by local refugee and immigrant women. 

These flutes have been featured in the November 2018 Sculpture Magazine, performed at the 2018 ReUse Conference, and were a spotlight story in Cincinnati Magazine.

These flutes are now being sold to benefit The Welcome Project. A portion of the proceeds will also go towards a gun control organization. Because of high demand and limited availability, we are offering a tiered pricing model. The first 5 flutes have already sold, the middle of the edition (No. 6-10) are selling for $2000, and the remainder will sell for $2500. Shop early to support The Welcome Project and save!